I’m a DevOps linux sysadmin who works at a French university.
Arch Linux user since 2014 and Void Linux since 2020.
I automate, document, version because I’m lazy! Let the work be done a single time…
I’m not a dev, that’s why I like python and don’t dislike JS.
Minimalist with just a grain of comfort salt, I use opensource because of the Wisdom of Crowds, and because behind each computer is a human, behind each human, an idea.

Keep It Simple, Stupid ! to be able to maintain it with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.
If I can do something which will benefit others, I like to help, to teach, to share.

Climbing is cool, but not as much as making bread, pizza or cheese.

This blog runs with Jekyll over Nginx, powered by FreeBSD, fully managed with Ansible, Bastille and love.
I wrote my theme from Minima template.